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<< an Indian & Colombian- American multidisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California >>

Natasha’s projects are inspired by her identity as a multiracial woman of color, preserving the stories of her ancestors to create meaningful exchange of narratives through her artistic practice.

Natasha explores methods of visual storytelling while seeking to manifest a more empathetic world. Her art is a culmination of studying dance, photography, and filmmaking - and she now finds herself weaving these disciplines together in her multidimensional projects. Natasha’s work addresses themes pertinent to her existence, such as how migratory patterns in her family’s histories affect her present and shape her future, while simultaneously reclaiming the pieces of her identity that colonization and patriarchal systems have attempted to erase.

Natasha’s work has been published in the San Francsico Chronicle, El Tecolote, the San Francisco Examiner, and The California Sunday. She has directed short films for stage projection in collaboration with Destiny Arts Center (Oakland, CA).Her work has been shown across the Bay Area, at galleries such as Incline Gallery, Southern Exposure, Book and Job, Rayko, and Accion Latina.

She currently works as the Photo Editor for El Tecolote, the longest running non-profit bi-lingual newspaper in the West Coast. 


<< an interdisciplinary artist raised in Nigeria, India and Singapore >>
Vasudhaa explores the complexities of migration, identity, domesticity and gender through conceptual photographs, sculptural elements and performance. Having just graduated with an MFA in Studio Art from the San Francisco Art Institute, she is driven to create spaces for communities of color that have been othered by universal narratives.

Her work is situated within the context of the Indian diaspora, narrativizing the displacement and isolation of being an outsider in one's home. She is interested in confronting ideas of otherness within the patriarchal frameworks of culture and provokes one to question their biases towards the female abject.

Vasudhaa Narayanan (b.1991, Bangalore, India) lives and works in San Francisco, CA. She has exhibited internationall at venuessuch as Southern Exposure, Bass and Reiner, Kearny Street Workshops: APAture Visual Arts Showcase, Swell Gallery (San Francisco, CA); Le Roy Neiman Gallery (New York, NY); the Goeth Institute (India)

She currently works as Curatorial Partnerships Associate at SOMArts Cultural Center and is the lead curator for the Ramp Gallery. In addition, she works as a Gallery Manager at Evergold [Projects] and KADIST.